ClassicMap brings most features of Google Maps back to the iPhone

Owners of the iPhone 5 have been complaining a lot recently that their new purchase does not contain Google Maps. The replacement, Apple’s own Maps app, has not lived up to expectations and is causing widespread disappointment. However, there is now a new way in which users can have their old Google Maps back, although it is without some key features. ClassicMap brings users the map as a native app, which has a lot of missing features but will still feel comfortable to those who are used to using Google Maps.

ClassicMap looks and feels like the Maps app, which was created by Apple for version iOS 5 and before. It is likely that many people will recognise it, from those of us who use Google Maps regularly when visiting friends’ houses, to other foxy bingo fans who use them to find their local bingo hall and play the game in person. It allows users to check addresses in the same way as before, as well as letting them explore the world. Users can drop a pin in the map wherever they want to and it also has the facility of being able to switch between the classic map and the satellite view.

However, these are the only similarities that ClassicMap has to the much-loved version of Google Maps. The app does not allow people to look up locations by typing in names, a feature that is very useful for Google Map users. It also does not offer directions, meaning that users would have to find their own way to a place on the map. However, this app is free to use and the hope is that it will soon see some big updates to bring it up to scratch. It could therefore be one to watch more in the not too distant future, rather than to start using right now.

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